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life Insurance

Simple. If you die or are diagnosed as being terminally ill, you or your estate will receive a lump sum benefit amount.

Benefits of Life Insurance:

  • Pay off mortgage and/or other debts and provide a lump sum that could be invested to provide an ongoing income stream for dependents.
  • Can also be used for Estate Planning or business buy outs.

Total Permanent Disability

Not a pleasant thought to have to face the prospect of being paralyzed or reliant on a wheelchair for mobility. Having insurance for this may just ease the burden. Total Permanent Disability (TPD) pays a lump sum if you are unable to work again due to sickness or injury.

Benefits of TPD

  • Pay off mortgage and/or other debts.
  • Cover the costs associated with a long-term disability such as full-time care or modifications to the home.
  • Cover the shortfall of income from other benefits to assist in maintaining your standard of living.
  • Can also be used for business buy outs.

Trauma Cover

How many people do you know that have suffered from either a heart attack, stroke, cancer or  had by-pass surgery? You are lucky if you can’t name one!

Trauma (or Crisis Insurance) pays a lump sum in the event you suffer from one of the above or numerous other specified trauma conditions.

Benefits of Trauma Cover

  • Assist with a short-term loss f income.
  • Help with the costs of medical assistance and other associated costs,

Income Protection

We all rely on our ability to generate an income. If an injury or accident leaves you incapable of doing this completely  or even reduces the hours or capacity that you are able to work, who pays the bills? 

Income Protection pays a monthly benefit if you are totally or partially disabled as a result of sickness or accident.  The disability may be short-term or long-term.

Benefits of Income Protection

  • Replaces a portion of your income.
  • Help to pay your bills.
  • Assist with maintaining your lifestyle.

Business Expense Insurance

Business Expense Cover is just that… it pays your ongoing fixed business expenses – such as leases, rent, business loan etc. if your are totally disabled or partially disabled due to sickness or injury. 

Benefits of Business Expense Insurance

  • Covers the cost of your ongoing eligible business expenses while you recover.


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